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Sensual Massage

A full body massage focus on building your erotic, sensual energy through mixed touch, breath work and movement. Beginning with delicate touch awakening your skin and relaxing your mind massage long sweeping strokes over the whole body that will build and move waves of pleasure and arousal. This massage involves intimate touch and invites you to receive and enjoy pleasure, healing effects such an integrative massage can give.

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Full Body Massage

The most beautiful thing you can feel is a body that offers you warmth and sensual pleasure. Massage represents the way to get rid of the empirical world and transcends you to the world of sensations. Body to body massage is the best way to feel the positive energy because includes the effects of all types of massage. Through body to body massage your senses will be at another level of perception. Your body will be like a feather, your muscles will relax and your mind will be empty.

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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an intense, prolonged yet healthy massage of the penis and groin area. Tantric massage can be enjoyed as a sensual experience or used to improve erectile dysfunction and help men control when and how they orgasm happens. Premature ejaculation (or coming too quickly) is a common ‘problem’ among men of all ages. Our masseuses see it as an opportunity to show you that enjoyment and control can be had at the same time.

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Erotic Massage

Erotic is the use of touch techniques for erotic ends that is widely practiced by couples as part of lovemaking. an erotic touch is usually conducted with the subject naked areas of the body such as the areas around the groin and intimate parts of the body, which are normally not touched in therapeutic, will be touched in ways that increase sexual arousal. Leave aside the stress and problems, because this erotic service will help you relax and every moment spent with us will seem like a delightful eternity.

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Muscular Therapists

Treatment of mans will provided to the highest standards because we are professionals. Let’s make an appointment with one of our services will take you to unexpected places, will tickle your senses and make you feel like you’re in the seventh heaven.Pony Muscular Therapists’s where you will find a new experience of a boyfriend experience, Gay massage and Man to Woman massage, But once you face reality, you will want to get lost in his arms again, let yourself charmed by looking and touching him over and over again

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